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{House of Guthries}

Home of the Guthries

A community for fans of Marvel's Guthrie family.


December 1st, 2011

New Comm?

I come offering the notion of a new kind of land comm geared only for a certain fandom, or a certain type of fandom. A land comm is basically a community where members are divided into teams and take part in fulfilling certain challenges, usually varied amongst fan fic, art, captions, and games, to see who can reach a certain score point first, but though the members are divided and all are trying to bring their team to reach the goal first, they remained united in their love of the fandom. For the type of land comm I'm suggesting, members would still be divided into teams and would still be trying to see who could score the big number first, but the challenges would all be fic based. Read on if interested.Collapse )

May 9th, 2010

Marvel Gen May Theme

The Guthrie Family is welcome to come enjoy the fun.

April 27th, 2010


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I was on Marvel.com earlier, perusing the comics that will come out tomorrow, and I saw Husk #1! After an all too brief moment of excitement I read the description and realized the book has nothing to do with dear Paige. :( Booo!

Anyone else miss seeing the Guthries in the comics? Sure, Sam's in New Mutants, but what happened to all the rest?

August 8th, 2009

Drabble meme!

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Seems like every other community is doing one of these, so let's play too!

* One prompt/request per comment
* Prompts can be filled with fic/art/vids/whatever
* You may request and post anonymously if you wish
* May contain unmarked spoilers
* Multiple responses per request are allowed and encouraged
* It's a Guthrie comm, so each request must include a Guthrie
* R/NC-17 rated responses, please leave warning in subject line


June 26th, 2009

Hey y'all, friendly neighborhood moderator here. I realize I've been slacking in my duties, namely in keeping this comm lively. I hereby rededicate myself to the comm and will be looking to shake this place up a little! I'll see what I can do to breathe some life into the place. I know we're small, but we can still have fun! If anyone has suggestions, feel free to comment or drop me a PM.

My reason for posting this is the realization that our only posts over the last few months have been pimpage for other communities. I don't want to see this become a dead comm used only for advertising space. So, starting now, all community promos must be approved by a mod before posting. Failure to comply will result in said promo being deleted.


Let's have some fun!

On that note, fic/art/discussion prompt: In the original New Mutants series, Sam's teammates visited the family farm a number of times. During Generation X, Paige is seen at her family's home only once, with Jono. What do you think would have happened if the GenXers had visited the Guthrie home?
Out Of Nothing X-Men RPG
It is a dangerous time to carry the X-gene. M-Day has depowered all but a few hundred mutants. Newly strengthened mutant hate groups threaten all those who are left. A mutant messiah has been born and hunted. Xavier’s School has been destroyed ….again. This time, it seems that Xavier’s dream has been destroyed with it. The X-Men are left searching for a new dream to believe in and a new war to wage. After relocating across the country, they’re attempting to rebuild their team, their lives and their dream. In San Francisco, they've found a new home for all mutants and new allies in a city they've sworn to protect, but old enemies are around every corner, threatening to end the new dream and new team the X-men are building... out of nothing.

Fandom: X-Men Comic (616)
Opened: November 2008. We are just finishing a Mojoverse story arc, now is a great time for old teammates to join us back in San Francisco in a brand new arc!
Age Limit: 18+
Characters Most Wanted: Colossus, Dazzler, Elixir, Gentle, Hellion, Iceman, Jeb Guthrie, Meltdown, Mercury, Moonstar (depowered), Multiple Man, Prodigy (depowered), Rictor, Risque, Rockslide, Shatterstar, Skids, Storm, Sunspot, Surge, Warpath, Wither
Restricted: OCs. Villains. Telepathic, Mind Control, Reality Warping, and Time Travel powers.

How to Apply:
1. Read the rules. That's how we roll around here.
2. Check the latest list of taken/held/wanted characters here. If you're not sure who you want to app, we can help, but we are not accepting any villians, or characters with telepatic, mind-control, reality warping, or time travel powers.
3. Contact the mods via private message or email. We can answer all your questions about the game, give you access to read friends only content, and send you an app.
4. Submit your app. No characters enter the game without a mod approved application
5. Once your app is approved we will work out logistics like PBs, entry plots, and journal names. The mods will create all journals for the game and set them up in the communities before passing the journal off to you.
6. Start playing! Check out the FAQ on our playing conventions.

May 11th, 2009

(no subject)


An X-Men Movieverse Forum RPG - Set after X-Men 3

Several years have passed since the battle at Alcatraz, but tensions have remained bubbling from opposing forces in both the mutant and human forces. However, there has been no wide-spread conflict for a while, and many are hoping the peace will linger. Xavier's remains a place for mutants in need, young and old alike, while many mutants have also set up their own homes in the state of New York. This calm isn't going to be long-lasting, however, as there's news on the wind of a virus coming to American shores, a virus too fast and too deadly to be natural. And what's worse, is that it's target is mutantkind.

Known as the Legacy Virus due to its specific genetic target; symptoms include headaches, fever and sickness, the signs akin to that as the common influenza. Europe is already suffering from the pandemic, and there are fears it could kill mutants all over the planet. The rumblings between the human and mutant divide are growing stronger in light of this virus. However, while mutants are the most susceptible, a few humans carry an undeveloped x-gene that makes them vulnerable to contracting the sickness. There is a 60% chance of death if the virus is contracted, while others may recover, or some with stronger immune systems are able to avoid the worst of the virus' symptoms. The length of time between first symptoms and possible death varies between individuals, depending on their health and immunity strength. There is currently no available cure, but scientists are working as fast as they can to try and combat the illness. Military organisations are preparing to police the streets to aid regulation, while the government is considering a series of systems and monitoring with the medical authorities to try and control the virus. Quarantines are currently on a small scale, but are preparing for the worse. The Mutant Registration Act is looming as the President prepares to declare a State of Emergency.

February 14th, 2009

(no subject)

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Title: She's a Lady
Author: ragingpie
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Melody Guthrie, Jeb Guthrie
Word Count: 64
Prompt: 4. Easy
Rating: PG
Crossposted: guthrieville, marvel_drabbles
Summary: Nobody gets away with that.

"You get in enough trouble when you aren't hittin' people."

January 28th, 2009

Another Melody fic

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Title: Full Moon
Author: ragingpie
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Aero, Husk
Word Count: 114
Prompt: 7. Moon
Rating: PG
Crossposted: guthrieville, marvel_drabbles
Summary: They'd been playing 'truth or dare.'

"You do recall that the headmistress is a telepath, right?"

Aero fic

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Title: Ain't Got Wings
Author: ragingpie
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Aero, Cannonball
Word Count: 74
Prompt: 6. Control
Rating: G
Crossposted: guthrieville, marvel_drabbles
Feedback: Gimme.
Summary: She's learning to fly.

"I don't wanna go splat!"
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